Why on earth is explorer Tim Jarvis climbing 25 mountains?

Publisher: Adventure.com
Date: 7 August 2018

Meet Tim Jarvis. He’s been stalked by polar bears in the Arctic, pulled a sled 2,000 kilometers across Antarctica, and recreated Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic 1916 crossing of the Southern Ocean using the same equipment, clothing and food as the original expedition party. By all accounts, he ranks among the world’s greatest modern-day explorers.

More recently, the British-Australian adventurer has been busy scaling the world’s 25 equatorial peaks (with glaciers)—all in the name of climate change. “My journeys to the polar regions over the past 20 years in particular really opened my eyes to how susceptible these fragile regions are to pollution and climate change,” Tim tells Adventure.com. “I feel a responsibility to use my expeditions as a platform to communicate the state of the planet— and what we can do about it—to a broader audience.”

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