What a melting glacier looks like

FOR explorer Tim Jarvis climbing to the top of a mountain is not just about fulfilling a personal challenge.

The South Australian has led expeditions to some of the world’s most remote places and is passionate about sharing images of where he’s been.

It can sometimes make for bleak viewing.

The avid climber has seen first-hand the changes that climate change is creating around the world and has brought back photos that give people a glimpse into the future.

His project 25 zero is tracking the melting of glaciers located on the mountains at the equator.

Mr Jarvis told news.com.au that in 1992 there were glaciers on 25 mountains — now there’s only 21.

“The scientific community tells us that within a quarter of a century all the ice will be gone,” he said.

On his latest trip to Ecuador where he climbed the Cayambe volcano, Mr Jarvis captured images of the Hermoso glacier’s decline.

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