Tim Jarvis AM is living proof that you can successfully combine work and play. His passions have seen him undertake some extraordinary adventures, both for the thrill of it and to highlight the catastrophic effects of climate change.

An environmental scientist, author, adventurer and public speaker who holds a Master of Laws (Environmental Law) from the University of Adelaide, Tim has completed unsupported expeditions to some of the world’s most remote regions, including the South Pole, the High Arctic and Australia’s vast Great Victoria desert.

He has even retraced the polar journeys of the likes of Sir Douglas Mawson and Sir Ernest Shackleton using the same rudimentary equipment and rations. So what calls Tim to adventure? He says it’s a combination of the challenge, and a love of the outdoors that started in his childhood.

“I think it is the thrill of it, delving into the unknown and the feeling of being in the company of a more resourceful version of you that emerges when you set big challenges for yourself.

“At the end of the day, society relies upon adventurous souls taking a few risks to progress, whatever the discipline. This human spirit of adventure lies at the heart of artistic expression, advances in science, medicine or politics, or any other sphere you care to mention.”

Tim has worked as an environmental scientist for more than 20 years, including as a sustainability advisor on multilateral aid projects in developing countries for organisations like the World Bank and AusAID.

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