Adventurer Tim Jarvis On Chasing The Ghost Of Ernest Shackleton

Adventure is hard to come by. Well, let’s rephrase that: Real adventure is hard to come by. The sort they write books about. The sort that tests the limits of your body and soul. The sort that will leave you mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. If we’re being honest, there are few among us who even want to face such travails in travel.

Tim Jarvis is one these bold few. His exploits are the stuff of legend. Back in 2007, Jarvis set out to prove that Sir Douglas Mawson could have survived his harrowing journey across the Antartic without resorting to cannibalism — thereby clearing the adventurer’s name of those grisly rumors. Jarvis geared up with only period-realistic attire then plod 500km (310 miles) through the Antarctic tundra. Jarvis made sure he ate the same amount of food as Dawson had with him as well. Amazingly, Jarvis made it past the finish line (having lost a serious amount of weight), thus proving that a human being could survive the journey on the rations Dawson had available.

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