25 glaciers won’t exist in 25 years due to climate change

Publication: the Guardian
Publication date: 17/07/2018

As an adventurer, Tim Jarvis has witnessed the effects of climate change first-hand. Now he wants you to see them as well.

A lot of us are used to seeing climate change in graphs, charts and figures. But for adventurer and environmental scientist Tim Jarvis AM, this hasn’t been good enough.

“I think we’re suffering from climate change fatigue,” Jarvis says. “Whether its members of the public, politicians, corporate folks, they are a little bit tired of hearing about, you know, parts-per-million of carbon in the atmosphere … it’s not tangible enough, there’s not enough of a sense of urgency.”

In the lead up to the historic 2015 climate talks in Paris, he decided to show decision-makers something more visceral. Jarvis and his team broadcast live footage of glaciers being ravaged by climate change to the representatives at the summit. This broadcast was the start of an ongoing project, 25zero, documenting 25 mountains at the equator with glaciers disappearing due to climate change.

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