Public Speaking

Tim is a highly sought-after public speaker, applying lessons learned from leading the world’s most challenging expeditions to talk about leadership, resilience, problem solving, teamwork, change management and goal setting.

Tim also has great insights on managing and overcoming isolation, gained from his expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the world. Whether it is the loneliness of leadership, or the challenges of remote work brought about by recent global events, his lessons are invaluable both personally and professionally.

With his passion for the environment underpinning all of his projects, Tim also speaks about sustainability, using his keynote presentations to show how organisations and individuals can improve their environmental performance.

Tim’s talks are motivated by his desire to help audiences achieve their potential, drawing on parallels from his expeditions and environmental work.  Tim provides first-hand accounts of the fascinating regions in which he has travelled and worked, with his expedition analogies offering powerful, transferable insights that can be applied to achieving ambitious personal and professional goals and overcoming challenges, whatever the discipline.

Tim speaks all over the world at corporate and gala events, festivals, conferences and schools. To read testimonials from some of Tim’s high-profile clients, please click here.

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