Tim is proud to work with a number of partner organisations, who he believes share his values related to sustainability and leadership. His roles variously involve brand promotion, and provision of sustainability and leadership guidance. Partners either work with Tim on their own environmental initiatives, support Tim’s projects, or both. Major partners include:


Tim is a Senior Associate with renowned global engineering firm Arup – an employee-owned business of 13,500 staff, the unique ownership structure of which allows it to pursue important projects rather simply those that are most profitable. Tim contributes to Arup’s innovative design thinking on sustainability and development projects. Arup is a valued supporter of Tim’s projects, including 25zero.

Tim is Global Brand Ambassador for global outdoor clothing retailer Kathmandu. His role involves developing an extreme cold-weather clothing range – the XT Range as well as promoting the company and its values. Tim identifies closely with Kathmandu’s core beliefs that include a can-do attitude, a love of adventure and a focus on excellence all underpinned by an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Kathmandu support Tim’s 25zero project and several of his other environmental initiatives.

Tim is sustainability advisor to Australia and New Zealand’s largest independent insurance brokers, The Steadfast Group. He offers guidance to brokers and clients alike on how the insurance industry can recognise and plan for the challenges of climate change and improve their sustainability. Steadfast also provide Tim with insurance for his expeditions.

PICA Group are the largest strata manager in Australia with over 200,000 properties under management, and as such can play a major role in reduing the carbon footprint of Australia’s built environment.  Tim is proud to be associated with PICA as its Corporate Ambassador for Sustainability. One of Tim’s key roles is to assist in PICA’s engagement with Industry and Governmental agencies for policy change for the built environment.

Whyte & Mackay’s new Scotch blend ‘Shackleton’ is inspired by the antique MacKinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky, which was originally supplied to the British Antarctic Expedition in 1907 (bottled 1898), and which was then miraculously discovered intact under the floorboards of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition hut in 2010. Tim has been appointed as the global ambassador for the Shackleton brand.