Films and books


Tim has made films about his expeditions, both in front of camera and variously as producer or executive producer, to  educate audiences and inspire them to want to act on issues related to climate change and biodiversity loss. Films include:

MacQuarie Island Australia’s Jewel in the Southern Ocean (2023; Repeater Productions; director Ben Golotta) – a short film exploring the stunning natural beauty and unique marine life of Macquarie Island, a remote Australian territory lying halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica in the wild Southern Ocean as part of the successful Save Our Marine Life campaign for the creation of a one-million-km² East Antarctic Marine Park.

Shackleton: The Greatest Story of Survival (2023; Wild Pacific; directors Bobbi Hansel and Caspar Mazzotti) – a documentary outlining the story and leadership lessons associated with Shackleton’s incredible journey of survival. ‘A visual treat and a reminder of the great achievements in exploration that took place in the early 20th Century’ David Stratton, the Australian.

Thin Ice VR (2022; Monkeystack; director James Calvert) – Tim is founder and presenter of this ground-breaking VR film showing climate change in Antarctica. Thin Ice VR won Best VR Film at both the Cannes and LA film festival in 2022.

25zero East Africa (2020; Adrift Entertainment; director Miles Rowland) – a short film highlighting the decline of Africa’s equatorial glaciers including sequences shown at COP21 Climate Conference, Paris 2015 where it was endorsed by several countries.

Shackleton’s Epic: Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival (2013; Raw TV Ltd for Discovery Channel and PBS; director Jamie Berry), entitled Chasing Shackleton in the USA – about Tim’s successful retracing of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s survival journey.

Mawson Life and Death in Antarctica series (2007; Orana Films; director Malcolm McDonald) – flagship of the Film Australia ‘Making History’ series, and Channel 4’s highly acclaimed ‘Edge of Endurance’ . Expedition patrons were Australian Prime Minister the Hon. John Howard and Sir Ernest Shackleton’s grand-daughter the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton.


Tim has written the following books. Information on how to purchase signed copies of these books can be found on the Shop page of this website.

Shackleton’s Epic: Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival (published as Chasing Shackleton in the USA) (2013, HarperCollins) – Tim’s account of his successful retracing of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1916 survival journey, undertaken by Tim and his team in 2013, using the same equipment and navigation techniques had nearly 100 years before.

Mawson: Life and Death in Antarctica (2008, MUP) – released in conjunction with his international documentary film of the same name and officially endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme in 2009, this book tells the story of Tim’s recreation in 2007 of Sir Douglas Mawson’s extraordinary 2012-13 Antarctic survival journey.

The Unforgiving Minute (2004, Random House) – Tim’s account of his first three polar expeditions, including his record-setting South Pole expedition in 1999.

He is also co-author of the academic book The Frozen Planet (2016, Open University UK) jointly released with Sir David Attenborough’s BBC TV series.