Tim works across a wide range of disciplines in the environmental field, reflecting both his interest and the fact that overcoming challenges and realising opportunities requires a broad understanding of issues facing us.

Here’ s a small sample of the projects and initiatives Tim has worked on:

Kalimantan Forest Climate Partnership Project (KFCP), AusAID/World Bank, Indonesia. Tim was environment adviser to KFCP, the goal of which was to reinstate over 1 million hectares of degraded peat forest in southern Kalimantan using the sale of carbon credits to pay for the work and provide an income stream for local people. Not only are these peat swamp forests vital habitats for orang utan; the fires occurring in the forests as a result of land clearance for oil palm also are a major contributor to carbon emissions and climate change.

Global Ambassador WWF Australia. Tim provides advice in identifying suitable climate change projects for WWF support, acts as spokesperson for WWF climate change initiative Earth Hour, and supports WWF climate change initiatives and projects in both a technical and fundraising capacity.

Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network – Adviser. Tim worked as adviser to ACCCRN looking at city resilience to a range of risks including climate change. ACCCRN is a major regional collaboration working together with the Rockefeller Foundation. Several cities in ACCCRN are also members of C40.

Australian Natural Resource Management Program, AusAID, Sri Lanka. Tim was engaged as an environmental specialist for the SLANRMP Project, which involved supporting communities and capacity-building Sri Lankan government agencies to improve the management of forest resources. The role involved promoting a participatory and holistic approach to using forestry and agricultural resources in Sri Lanka to achieve habitat and REDD objectives.

 Quang Ngai Rural Development Program, AusAID, Viet Nam. Tim was responsible for ensuring the sustainability of activities supported by the Project, which involved auditing and reviewing agricultural and infrastructure development initiatives against a range of national and international legal and best practice standards. The position also involved training counterparts and commune personnel in sustainable practices.

Environment Adviser, Tetepare Descendants Association, (TDA) Solomon Islands. Tetepare is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific. Tim lived on the island for several weeks providing technical assistance and resources for the rangers protecting the islands and undertaking surveys of the marine life surrounding the island.

BBC/Open University, UK. The Open University is the UK’s oldest correspondence-based university. Tim was consultant and contributing author to the OU’s Environmental Management Degree, looking at humanity’s impacts on the polar regions – principally climate change, ozone depletion and pollution. The course formed part of the BSc in Environmental Science and partnered with Sir David Attenborough’s BBC natural history series Frozen Planet in 2012.

Rural Extension Officer, Ixil Triangle Aid Program for Highland Indians (British Council/GTZ/Guatemalan Government funded), Guatemala. Tim lived and worked with Mayan Indian communities in Guatemala during the civil war in 1993/1994 providing advice on reforestation/soil erosion and building gravity-fed water systems in the remote guerilla-held Ixil Triangle region of northern Guatemala.

Easy Green trial. Tim devised and ran a green energy trial Easy Green, the idea of which was to increase the uptake of green power amongst energy consumers by opting householders in to receiving a small proportion of green power in their domestic electricity mix. In order for them NOT to receive this green electricity they had to opt themselves out by ticking a box on their electricity bill. The trial suggested that by opting people in as the default you could get an additional 30-35% additional green electricity consumers very easily.