The Equator might be the last place you’d expect to find ice and snow, but that’s why the remaining glaciers are such a good test-case to visualise the advance of climate change. Most of these glaciers have been there since at least the last ice age (more than 15,000 years), and yet scientists estimate that the remaining glaciers will be gone within a quarter of a century.

25 mountains @ zero latitude + 25 years = zero ice

With the impacts of climate change now being seen even in the remotest places, the 25zero project aims to highlight the importance of action back at home. 25zero has also been lobbying governments about the need to act.

Tim and the 25zero team are making a new documentary series, which will showcase the beauty and majesty of the remaining glaciers, and the scale of their disappearance, in order to highlight the urgent need for global action to prevent climate change.

When you sleep on top of glaciers, they creak and groan underneath you like a living, breathing thing.” – Tim Jarvis

Want to join Tim and the crew chasing glaciers and scaling mountains around the world? Anyone with a passion for the outdoors and protecting nature is invited to apply to join. All welcome.

Tim Jarvis founded 25zero in 2015, beaming a direct television link to the United Nations COP21 Climate Change conference in Paris, France. He and the team climbed eight glacial mountains across three continents in two weeks, to demonstrate to world leaders how tangible climate change impacts really are.