Dec 12, 1914: After entering into pack ice, the Endurance battles slowly through the cold sea and ice floes. Watch:

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Reminiscing this week about the mammoth energy that goes into expeditions, and once again a huge shout out to all the wonderful donors that made it possible. <3 ...


Join the Crew

Visit the NEW WEBSITE WWW.SHACKLETONEPIC.COM for up to date information on this epic adventure!



Join The Shackleton Expedition Crew

The expedition team welcomes enquiries from suitably qualified individuals to participate in the expedition itself. The following skill sets are useful but are not prerequisites:

• blue-water ocean sailing
• climbing/mountaineering
• traditional ocean navigation
• expedition medicine
• polar experience

If you are interested in joining this monumental expedition, please contact The EPIC stating your experience and your reasons for wanting to be a member of the expedition team.

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