Congratulations Tim Jarvis on your new role as WWF Australia Global Ambassador! ...

It gives us great pleasure to announce and welcome scientist-adventurer Tim Jarvis AM as our Global Ambassador here at WWF-Australia! Tim is an adventurer, environmental scientist, author and filmmaker, with Masters degrees in environmental science and environmental law. And was also named the Australian Geographic Society’s 2013 Adventurer of the year. Tim will be working with us "...on real, practical solutions that promote a roadmap for the change that we need to see, at all levels of society,” Read more:

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Join The Shackleton Expedition Crew

The expedition team welcomes enquiries from suitably qualified individuals to participate in the expedition itself. The following skill sets are useful but are not prerequisites:

• blue-water ocean sailing
• climbing/mountaineering
• traditional ocean navigation
• expedition medicine
• polar experience

If you are interested in joining this monumental expedition, please contact The EPIC stating your experience and your reasons for wanting to be a member of the expedition team.

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