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The distinctive 'Saddle Island', visible beneath the mist, indicates that Haakon Bay lies just to the south-east. ...


Shackleton Epic

“The expedition is in honour of Shackleton’s legacy. It demonstrates how a group of people from different nations are able to put their differences aside to work towards the achievement of a goal against seemingly insurmountable odds, a message that resonates powerfully in our modern world.”

Discovery Channel’s film about the Shackleton Epic expedition

Shackleton Death or Glory – Rough Seas, published 16 September 2013

In 1916, legendary polar explorer Ernest Shackleton and 5 companions completed an incredible journey sailing a small rowing boat, the James Caird across 800 miles of the roughest ocean in the world from Elephant island, Antarctica to mountainous South Georgia Island.

Tim Jarvis and crew recreate Ernest Shackleton’s survival mission

Tim Jarvis being interviewed by CNN shortly after successfully completing Shackleton’s ‘double’. Published 22 March 2013

On reaching South Georgia, Shackleton and 2 men then scaled the island’s precipitous peaks with virtually no equipment to reach a remote whaling station. Shackleton’s original goal had been to be the first to cross Antarctica. With the sinking of his ship the Endurance in the pack ice, it instead became a journey of survival, both for the 6 men in the James Caird and the 22 men left behind on Elephant Island, whose rescue depended on their success…

Video – Network 10 News Australia 19.03.12

Tim Jarvis and Patron The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, and Crew, at the launch of ‘The Alexandra Shackleton’, Dean & Reddyhoff Marina, Dorset UK 18th March 2012

Tim and his team were the first ever to successfully complete Shackleton’s ‘double’.  They journeyed under the patronage of The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, granddaughter and closest living relative of Sir Ernest.  Dubbed “The Shackleton Epic”, the expedition set sail from Elephant Island in a replica of the James Caird and will used only 1916 technology, food and equipment. A documentary is being made about the expedition.

Video – Interview

Tim Jarvis speaking about the “Shackleton Epic Expedition” at the Sail, Power and Watersport Show, Earls Court

The construction of a replica James Caird began in June 2008 and discussions are underway with NZ, UK, Australian and Irish broadcasters.

The James Caird, Shakleton's original boat.


Visit www.shackletonepic.com for more on this epic adventure!

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