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out now in the USA – Chasing Shackleton, Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival

out now in AUS/UK – Shackleton’s Epic, Recreating the World’s Greatest Survival Journey

In this extraordinary adventure memoir and tie-in to the Discovery Channel/PBS documentary, Tim Jarvis, one of the world’s leading explorers, describes his modern-day journey, to retrace for the first time ever (and in period clothing and gear) the legendary 1914 expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

In 1916, a desperate Ernest Shackleton sailed across 1300 kms of hostile ocean in a tiny, leaking boat, then trekked across unmapped ice and snow to reach a rescue station. In 2012, British-Australian explorer Tim Jarvis set off to recreate Shackleton’s Epic. It’s been called the greatest survival story of all time. In 1916, Ernest Shackleton’s ship the Endurance was trapped in pack ice, his supplies running were out, his men were exhausted, cold and desperate. Shackleton faced a horrible quandary: should he and the crew stay on a tiny inhospitable stretch of Antarctic island with the winter setting in or make what was almost certainly a doomed journey, sailing in a lifeboat across miles of the world’s wildest ocean and then trekking over unmapped glaciers to reach help?

Showing astonishing courage Shackleton and a small band of men set off in their boat. they faced monstrous seas, icebergs, storms and vile seasickness. Even more astonishingly, they survived. In 2013, explorer Tim Jarvis and a crew of five, set out to replicate Shackleton’s journey, using the same equipment, eating the same unpalatable food, facing the same hostile ocean and desolate conditions. Here for the first time is the whole story of that trip, the wretched lows and the occasional highs, the gruelling mental and physical toughness it takes to test yourself in one of the last wildernesses on Earth. Moving between the past and the present, and combining a thrilling survival story with over 200 beautiful contemporary and historical photographs, this is a must-read book for all Shackleton fans and lovers of epic adventure.

Chasing Shackleton (Aus/UK title ‘Shackleton’s Epic’) is the remarkable record of Jarvis and his team’s epic journey. Beautifully designed and illustrated with dozens of photographs from the original voyage and its modern reenactment, it is a visual feast for readers and historians alike, and an essential new chapter in the story that has inspired adventurers across every continent for a century.
Published by : Harper Collins, 2013
(‘Shackleton’s Epic’: ISBN 9780733332654; ‘Chasing Shackleton’: ISBN 9780062282736)


…Tim Jarvis superbly recounts his successful re-creation of Shackleton’s journey faithfully almost to the last detail. […]  Lavishly illustrated and gripping from the very first word, ‘Shackleton’s Epic’ is an absolute must for the bookshelf of anyone with an even passing interest in Sir Ernest Shackleton.  – NICK SMITH, EXPLORERS JOURNAL, FALL 2014

Mr. Jarvis’s tribute to Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition has had a danger and heroism that are worthy of the original.

This is a story of triumph! Tim Jarvis and his companions have successfully recreated my grandfather’s 1916 voyage over the stormiest seas in the world. I feel it was a thoroughly Shackletonian expedition.

A daring re-enactment. … All the plaudits to him and his team are thoroughly deserved.

An extraordinary expedition

Polar explorer Jarvis takes on the re-creation of one of the most difficult treks imaginable. … The story of their journey is bone-chilling and breathtakingly frightening. … a most remarkable feat. A well-written, compelling read.

Thrilling. … A treasure-trove of minutiae and derring-do for both explorers and those who will simply gaze in wonderment.

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The Unforgiving Minute

Tim’s bestselling account of his polar expeditions to the North and South Poles and across the Arctic Island of Spitsbergen.
Published by : Random House, 2004
(ISBN 1 86325 434X)

Mawson: Life and Death in Antarctica

Non-fiction book based on the award-winning international documentary film of the same name.

“Explorer Tim Jarvis sets out to retrace the great man’s footsteps using as close to Mawson’s original equipment as possible and with an ABC camera crew in tow. The photography is magnificent, the account both moving and unnerving. Chilling stuff.”  – Daily Telegraph

Published by:  Random House Australia, 2008
(ISBN 978-0-522-85486-2)
Imprint: Miegunyah Press


Contribution to : The Frozen Planet

Two chapters of the Open University BSc coursebook on environmental science module ‘S175 Understanding the Frozen Planet

Published by : Open University
(ISBN 978-1-8487-3692-4)

Contribution to : In Search of the South Pole

Tim contributed to a new book about the South Pole, by Kari Herbert (daughter of the late polar explorer Sir Wally Herbert) and Huw Lewis. The book is essentially a ‘biography’ of the South Pole that aims to bring the story of the allure of Antarctica right up to the present day. It involved interviews with a number of leading scientists, adventurers and artists about what it was/is that inspires them to visit such places.

Published by: Polarworld
(ISBN: 9781844861378)

Foreword of : This Accursed Land

A re-release by Woodslane  Forward to re-released polar book This Accursed Land by Lennard Bickel. Original forward by Sir Edmund Hillary

Published by : Woodslane, 2010
(ISBN-13:9781921683046; ISBN-10:192168304X)

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