Book Reviews

Shackleton’s Epic/Chasing Shackleton

“Mr. Jarvis’s tribute to Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition has a danger and heroism that are worthy of the original.” The Guardian (UK)

“Polar explorer Jarvis takes on the re-creation of one of the most difficult treks imaginable. … The story of their journey is bone-chilling and breathtakingly frightening. … a most remarkable feat. A well-written, compelling read.” Kirkus Reviews

“Thrilling. … A treasure-trove of minutiae and derring-do for both explorers and those who will simply gaze in wonderment.” Booklist (USA)

“A chilling account of an epic struggle to survive.” Traveler

“Tim Jarvis superbly recounts his successful re-creation of Shackleton’s journey faithfully almost to the last detail. …  Lavishly illustrated and gripping from the very first word, Shackleton’s Epic is an absolute must for the bookshelf of anyone with an even passing interest in Sir Ernest Shackleton.”  The Explorers Journal

“A ripping yarn.”  Brisbane News

“A daring re-enactment. … All the plaudits to him and his team are thoroughly deserved.” The Daily Telegraph

“serves to show just how brave, skilled, resourceful and optimistic the original [explorers] had been. … Verdict: victory over adversity.” Herald Sun

Mawson: Life and Death in Antarctica

“A fascinating exploration of human endurance.” Brisbane News

“The photography is magnificent, the account both moving and unnerving. Chilling stuff.” Daily Telegraph

“Tim Jarvis isn’t the first to write about Mawson. But Jarvis is the first to get his hands dirty, by re-enacting the polar scientist’s entire fateful journey. Mawson is Jarvis’s account of how author and subject, divided by almost a century, pushed themselves beyond the conventional limits of human endurance and came back to tell the tale… Thrilling.” The Explorers Journal