“Jarvis clearly likes to do things the hard way. Gimmicky, glory-seeking adventure is not his style, so when he takes to the ice he does it for a reason...”

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Meet Makaia, he's one very special Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo. When he was only five weeks old, he lost his mum. He needed a nice warm pouch to grow big and strong in, so Adelaide Zoo tried something that had never been done before... a Yellow-foot Rock-wallaby was found to be his surrogate mum. Up until now this special breeding technique, known as 'cross-fostering', has only been done with closely related wallaby species. In a world-first for conservation, Makaia survived! This adorable little fellow is the result of our hard work and the expertise of our stellar staff. To learn more about Makaia and his special story click here: bit.ly/1NuD42A

good to see #SouthAustralia & #ACT taking leading roles. When will the rest of Australia? #climateaction twitter.com/UNFCCC/status/…

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